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Meet SmartScope 

Your trusted AI co-pilot for borescope inspections

SmartScope, your AI co-pilot for borescope inspections, enables seamless problem identification, documentation, and resolution management.

Using AI and Computer Vision technology, SmartScope analyzes what you see in real-time and provides automatic annotation, severity assessments and recommended next steps.

See how it's done

See clearer, detect faster, and make informed decisions with ease.


Access guides on how to use your borescope, including tips on what to look for, how to annotate and describe issues, and how to resolve them.


Inspect with confidence. Get guidance and assistance, including automatic annotation suggestions and access to best practices for your instrument or device.


Gain visibility into the status of your borescope-inspected instruments. Instantly know availability, reprocessing and repair status, and even get expert advice.  
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